Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, ANYMORE

Below is a clip of a Professor from a Television show explaining why America is not the greatest country in the world  anymore.

What are your thoughts ? Do you believe America is a great country ? Why or Why not ?

In my opinion America is not a great country Anymore but I believe in the future it can be. We still live in a country with so much HATE, DISCRIMINATION & RACISM  that it is holding us back !


India’s Obsession with Fairness & becoming white

For Centuries Indian women have been raised that fairness is Beauty. Skin lightening in India and the lighter you are the more prettier you are. Commercials & Magazines promote numerous of skin lightening products day-to-day to show that having fair skin is a Beauty. In most cases being fair you are more likely to get married than if you were a darker skin tone. This tells young girls that the only way to Beautiful is be fair and Bleaching your skin. Does this promote a healthy life style for young girls ? Should young girls conform to a more westernized or European look to get more jobs and modelling gigs ? In my opinion Women of all races and skin tones should love themselves and accept the way they look. I believe the skin lightening can affect and damage your skin in the future and the process is not worth it. We should accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are !!!! 

Skin-Lightening30 India’s-Whitening-Cream-Is-It-A-Fair-Deal-For-Women-2 WhiteningIndia

Below is a documentary about skin color in India.

African-American Stereotypes In Media

Media has played a crucial role in the way white Americans perceive African-Americans. The Media focuses on crime, drug use and gang violence among African-Americans an this is why BLACKS have a negative perception in the MEDIA. The History of African-Americans struggle of discrimination, racism and stereotypes still continue in 2014. The Media focuses on the negative aspects of the African-American community like drug dealers, gang violence or robbers, instead of positive aspects like lawyers, doctors or teachers. Even in television or a movie African-American always get the role of a robber, drug dealer, rapper or is the first actor to die.

stereotyping black i am african america stereotypes i dont sell drugs stereotype which pic would they useiftheygunnedmedown

Do you think the  Media devalues African-Americans in a negative way & why ? Do you think African-Americans need to take responsibility of these stereotypes ?

Leave your comments & Concerns

Raising Black Children In America

Mike Brown. Travyon Martin. Sean Bell. Jordan Davis

These are the Victims of past shootings by white cops in America. Recently in the past couple of years African-American men have been victims of getting shot by white cops base on the color of their skin. Black people in America do not feel safe and protected by white cops. African-American Mothers have a hard time raising their children in America because they have to teach their children that they will be judged base on their skin color no matter how they dress or look. A lot of black parents also find it hard to talk to their kids about race because it is an uncomfortable topic and they do not know how to address the issue.

Trayvon_MartinSEAN BELL FAMILYMichael-Brown-Ferguson

In my opinion I believe America still has this Big issue with Race and I believe the only way we can live in a world where people are treated equally and not judge base on their skin color is if we talk about RACE & Acknowledge that it is a issue.

Do you think raising black children in America is harder than raising white children ? Is Race still an issue in 2014 ?

Leave your comments & concerns.

Raven-Symone: I’m Tired of being Labeled”

Hello Everyone, So i recently watched Raven-Symone on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Where are they now ? In the video Raven states that she does not want to be labeled or put into a category as African-American or Gay. She only considers her self American and Human. Her reason behind her statement  is the fact that  she does not know where her Ancestors come from in Africa so why should she be categorized as African.  What she does know is that her parents are from Louisiana and born in America.

Isn’t Labeling yourself as American still a Category ? What are your thoughts on Raven ideology ???

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